How to grow the audience for your Instagram Business Page

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the most important social media channels in the modern world of business, and those not yet using it are missing out on something big. Whether you are responsible for the social media strategy of a big corporation, a small business, or you’re using it to promote your own personal brand, incorporating Instagram into your marketing strategy is a must and requires your careful attention.

Being centered around storytelling, Instagram business page is successful only when the SMM (social media marketing) strategy is based on creativity and customer-centered approach. It is important to think from a customer view – what will your follower like? What are the ways to make them engaged? These and other questions are addressed in this article to assist you on your way to strong business online presence! 

  1. Focus on the solutions, not the products you sell

Focus on the solutions you provide for your customer base, not the products that you are willing to sell. On Instagram, it’s an essential rule to add value to your followers and make it look in a creative way. Therefore, it is crucial to develop your online marketing strategy based on the fact that your most important asset on these social media networks is your unique visual content.

If your company is a service-oriented business, it would be useful to emphasizing on showcasing the process behind providing the service. Show your company’s organizational culture, share your mission and vision with the rest of the world, or share some tips and ‘secrets’ of your business success. This can be uploaded in the form of photos, short videos (similar to GIFs, called Boomerang) and tutorials up to one minute in length.



Let’s look at one of the greatest examples of creative Instagram content created by Adidas, well-known for posting simple but at the same time engaging and interesting videos gaining attention of millions of followers. Their videos are always dynamic and eye-catchy, where the key focus is given to people (customers) rather than on product itself. Millions of Instagram followers are excited to see new posts from their favorite sport outfit company, resulting in the success of the Adidas social media campaign.

What can we learn from Adidas?

Look at how Adidas can photograph and visually share your product in an engaging way. Be creative and consider using a range of methods first to see what works best. Consider using only a professional camera instead of a standard smart phone shot; helping your make photos stand out from the crowd. Also, if you’re a brand that appeals to both males and females, have a look and monitor how much of your content appeals to a female audience as this could work in your favor. 

  1. Schedule posts

Scheduling Instagram posts doesn’t just save you time, it can also take a lot of the headache out of creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy, freeing up your time for more important things to help you build your brand online. Scheduling Instagram posts ahead of time gives you a better ‘bigger picture’ perspective of your Instagram feed and social media strategy as a whole. Take a step back from posting one photo, and look at your Instagram feed as at one whole: how do all of your photos fit together? Does it look nice? Is there a color-theme? Does it speak to you or your business?

Wondering how to schedule Instagram posts? Here is one of the ways:

Instead of choosing your posts daily, you can add your photos, captions and hashtags directly to a free Instagram scheduler like Later. This will save you a lot of time (and sanity), leaving you plenty of extra time to focus on other important areas of your Instagram marketing strategy. 



Instagram moved away from the reverse-chronological feed structure, but timing is still important. Instagram explains on their blog that posts are ordered “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”

To find the best posting schedule on Instagram, social team considered our audience and what their typical day looks like. Do they check Instagram as soon as they get up? On their way to work? At work?

We used the above considerations to begin testing blocks of time and tracking when we received the most engagement. Your results are likely to be different—especially if your relationship with the audience is more business-to-consumer (B2C), rather than B2B, as in the case of In that case, you should test off-work hours like 6-8 p.m. during the week and various times throughout the weekend. Finding the best time to post on Instagram—or any social network for that matter—is about knowing your audience, testing different times, and measuring results.

  1. Good Instagram captions is a must

Why? Because your captions represent You.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes that’s still not enough to capture your audience and engage them with your content. On the other hand, in some cases, few phrases are better than a long paragraph.  Captions give you an opportunity to share and express your voice, brand and who YOU are. Your posts should tell a story and with the over 2,300 characters available, your caption should be viewed as a valuable space and not an afterthought. A caption might be the first interaction that a user might have with your brand. Give them a sense of who you are or who your business is, you have only one chance to make that first impression.

Instagram captions enhance your posts, help you tell stories, and engage your targeted audience. Next time you post on Instagram, take a moment to write a caption that enhances your post and make followers want to know more about what you are promoting.

H&M has applied an Instagram caption strategy based on asking questions, engaging the audience and creating ‘a conversation’ with them:


  1. Choose right hashtags

Once you’ve done your research and found the relevant Instagram hashtags for your business, you can organize them by category or “content bucket” to use later.  You can save them to a spreadsheet, note document or wherever you can easily find them for when you’re ready to post.

By scheduling Instagram posts, you can research and add unique hashtags to each photo, instead of just copying and pasting the same hashtags over and over. 

First of all, try to sort your hashtags into different categories for the different types of content you post most often. For example, the above mentioned categories can include (1) Visual Inspiration, (2) Contest. (3) Product promotion, etc. Using popular hashtags that don’t necessarily relate to the photo tend to make posts look spammy and irrelevant. The key is to use hashtags without spamming and only when they add value.

Southern California photographer, @ariellevey makes sure the different sets of hashtags are used for different images. You can see the difference in hashtags in her following posts:



Content on Instagram is more sharable, easier to understand, and far more universal than other types of content on other social media networks. Visual storytelling is an art and science of Instagram, and to be able to craft a conversation over an extended period of time is a skill that needs to be harnessed. In order to capture the attention of that audience you must be active on the Instagram platform, creating content that is not only engaging but also shareable for your audience.

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