Benefits of Content Marketing



Content marketing for small businesses can help you:

  • Establish and maintain a successful brand awareness that your audience connects with
  • Gain competitive and comparative advantage over competitors who are not using content marketing
  • Create a long-term, trustworthy relationship with customers and prospects
  • Position itself as a field expert or thought leader in the customers’ minds and competitors
  • Consistently generate higher website traffic and better exposure to products/services without a huge investment
  • Convert more website visitors into the leads and sales
  • Accomplish higher media visibility and a better return on both, monetary and time investment


 Formulate a Strategy

According to Shauna Gleason, Director of Social Media at Forbes, it is important to “always ask why you’re doing something in social: you need well-defined goals, a plan and resources to achieve them.”

“A department that wants to launch a Twitter account should have to justify it from a business perspective,” Gleason said. “What’s the goal? What will the messaging be? If the applicants can’t answer those questions, it’s not worth the time and resources.” That goes for any social initiative, of course, not just a new Twitter account.

Spenser Lanoue from, has provided an example to show how the organizational goals and marketing goals have to be aligned.

Example: The top two company goals for 2018 are to:

  • Expand into a new market segment
  • Ship 3 new key product features

The key here is to take the goals that the founders, executives, or board care most about accomplishing, and show that social media can help achieve them in a meaningful way.

So, how can social media help us accomplish our company goals?

In order to help the company expand into a new market segment, it would be useful to:

  • Discover and build relationships with influencers who can amplify our message within the new target market
  • Partner with influencers and brands to leverage and grow our audience within the new target market
  • Create and promote branded content that drives top-of-the-funnel growth in the new market and positions our company as a premier option

And to support the company’s initiative to ship 3 new key product features, we could:

  • Run social media campaigns to promote product launches
  • Raise awareness around and drive engagement of new features


Target the Right Audience in the Right Way

Social media continues to become a more crowded space, making it more complicated for most businesses to get the attention of their ideal customer, much less engage with them there. This is especially true for B2B (Business-to-Business) companies that may not be as ‘attractive’ as B2C firms.

However, as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mature, they’ve become much better at understanding who your ideal customer is, and how to get your message in front of him or her. However, this comes at a price: advertising.

While all companies should continue to publish organic content to the platforms where their customers “hang out”, the way to capitalize on these platforms is through targeted ads that drive people from social platforms to your website or landing page. And don’t be afraid to spend some ad dollars on driving traffic to your content–such as blog posts or podcast episodes–as well. Facebook especially seems to like ads that provide value to their users.

The content, i.e the ‘message’ you are trying to deliver to your potential client also matters. Let’s have a look at the example of Pampers marketing strategy, provided by :

Nothing is quite as adorable and coo-worthy as babies, so you might think that Pampers has it pretty easy when it comes to marketing on social media. However, their particular product (diapers) is less than glamorous for the families that use them.

So, Pampers has chosen to ignore the fact that diaper changes are the least anticipated moment of being a parent. They instead focus on the part that is compelling: the undeniable emotion and love behind holding and caring for your newborn.

In their social media campaigns, they focus on bringing out the special bond between a parent and a child. This bond tugs at heartstrings much harder than any poop joke or diaper feature ever could. They contribute emotional appeal to the social media world instead of adding to the noise with overtly sales-y messages.



Be ‘Social’

The key to social media is to be “social.” Regardless of how many posts are published on a social platform increase social engagement by leaving feedback, following, re-tweeting and somehow connecting with your audience. You will notice a drastic difference in your click/open rates in future posts.

In the lead up to New York Fashion Week during the past 5 years, Instagram and Victoria’s Secret were clear winners when it came to social media conversations about fashion. Victoria’s Secret has over 26 million followers on Instagram, coming in second only to Nike as the platform’s most popular brand, according to the Iconosquare index. says, ever since the release of video on Instagram, the social media platform has reached record engagement from its followers. It can take a lot of effort creating different 15 – 60 second videos for the fast-paced social media platforms, but the returns are compelling. A look at Victoria’s Secret’s recent postings shows almost a 5x increase in engagements with video content vs still photos.



If you pay attention to how Victoria’s Secret posts content, you’ll start to notice that they don’t like to share several similar post types in a row. The social media vixens have a formula for mixing branding content and sales announcements within both still and motion content. You should find out which mix your resources allow for and what your particular audience responds to.

The most importantly, the brand actively engages with their followers through comment replies and other forms of engagement. No comments are left un-replied, making their followers feel that every customer and every voice and opinion matters.

Whilst Victoria’s Secret has been rated as one of the biggest brands to exploit social media, it can be used effectively by any other brand looking to increase awareness and engagement and boost followers. The key is to ensure the right platform for your target audience is used, so understanding who your followers are and which social media sites they use is vital before launching a social media campaign.



The most obvious and ubiquitous way to use social media as part of your content marketing strategy is to use social channels as a way to distribute and promote the content you publish on your website. Content promotion is an absolutely critical part of any content marketing strategy.

Many startups go through the motions with this, and social media distribution may not generate huge results if you don’t have a large audience to start. But, it’s still an important part of any marketing strategy. It requires consistency and experimentation to learn which messages work best on which channels, how to optimize your promotion efforts and the best times to post or share.

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