There is one thing that makes the difference between a mobile app and a successful mobile app. This thing is what makes your visitors into buyers and customers into regular customers. User Experience.

UX requests a solid understanding of sociology, psychology as well as web design to identify and address the real user problems. Also it requires tactical skills, including concept iteration, user research, prototyping and usability testing. One of the most critical skills for User Experience (UX) designers would be communication. The ultimate goal of UX and UI design is making the user’s interaction as time efficient and simple as possible. Only a clear vision and careful UX designing will help you win over your users.

Below we will look at the key trends of UX in mobile applications, serving as a checklist for your business’s mobile app and discovering the areas for further improvements.



  1. Minimalism

The concept of speed does not necessarily concern only the technical side of the mobile application. When the app has too many design elements, it may cause much-unwanted confusion for the user. Creating a minimalistic design of mobile app makes the whole experience much easier — just click that button! A minimalist concept is a powerful form of communication, an easily navigable and simple application can be developed using minimalist concept. Users today like more and more simple interface hence shifting to very basic UX and just keeping the necessary elements.

  1. Simplistic Color Scheme

“Less is more” rule also applies to the variety of colors. You might have already noticed that lots of your favorite mobile applications have at least one common feature — they all choose one color and a few of that color’s shades.



Simplifying color scheme is key to happiness. And in the case of mobile application development, a solution. Clean and clear color theme enhances the user’s experience, but on the contrary, too many colors spoil the game and bring negativity in the overall design. Well, putting a restriction on color pallette does not mean that you design app in monochrome, but the idea is to use necessary colors which could accurately depict your design and create a hierarchy. Give a great start with monochromatic or analogous:

Monochromatic color schemes comprise of various tones, tints, and shades within specific hue. User can generate multiple colors scheme by modifying the saturation and brightness of single hue. These are not much strenuous to eyes. Also the concept of analogous scheme is prevalent which is using three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel or on the 12-spoke color wheel.

It is important to always make sure that your color scheme users enough contrast to be visible and legible to people with color blindness or limited vision. The science of colors is brilliant and is being used throughout the world by companies in advertising.

Attention to so-called whitespace is important as well. Whitespace is the areas in the design where designer do not place any content. It is called as ‘backbone’ of minimalist interfaces. If whitespaces are included wisely and generously then they have the power of giving even the clumsiest interface some respect. These whitespaces create spaces around elements in the design. This makes them stand out from other elements.

  1. Personalization

The personal approach is something that every individual appreciates in offline activities. When using their smart phones, an app user wants to get the same attitude while doing online shopping or reading news. Nowadays, app developers record users’ steps and customize their experience according to the in-app stroll. Consumers don’t have to search for the same information over and over again while receiving individual push notifications.

The business sector also benefits from the personalization feature , as  an entrepreneur can push his product to a specific targeted audience. Thanks to the data mobile application developers gather, business owners can be sure they deliver the message to the group of customers that will appreciate the offer.

There are three key reasons why personalization is a great investment in the future of the company:

Users want exclusive offers: No two mobile application users are the same, which is why one of the greatest sins in app marketing is delivering same message to all users without segmenting them into targeted audiences. Your visitors don’t want to be bombarded by standard app notifications; that reduce the value of your application – what they want is to be targeted by contextual messages that benefit them and provides value.

More tailored marketing: By collecting the behavioral and profile data, it is possible to create a personalized experience based on app interactions and user attributes. Profile data includes individual user attributes, such as location, gender, customer type, credit, emails, and more, and includes user data gathered across every channel (including your app, in-store, online, email, and others). This combination of data gives you the ability to personalize your app marketing offers based on highly specific user personas, informed by all of your most important marketing channels.

Long-Term Engagement: Tailored content and personalized offers for your individual customers that speak to your audience are more likely to meet a specific need and drive users back to your application to convert, allowing you to engage them, consistently, over time. Loyal app users have a higher lifetime value and generate 25% (!) more in-app purchases than less-engaged users, demonstrating the importance of using personalization to drive the loyalty that will make your app popular and profitable.


  1. Higher level of Security

Here we’re talking about a really important security factor when it comes to personal data. Such applications as Apple Pay or Dropbox have Touch ID verification. This provides users with a higher level of security for their personal data, also creating a feeling that your company is taking care of them. The example of organization using touch ID for their mobile app is Bank of America.

Bank of America has announced a series of improvements to mobile and online banking to better meet customers’ changing needs and make it easier for users to manage their finances digitally. The new updates include the introduction of fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in, in addition to the launch of an Apple Watch mobile banking app, streamlined “Accounts Overview” page and new Security Center for more than 31 million active digital banking customers.

“We continue to deliver enhancements that provide our customers a more seamless and secure banking experience,” said Michelle Moore, head of digital banking at Bank of America. “This is another example of how we are helping our mobile and online banking users simplify their financial lives.”

Fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in:

The new fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in capabilities provide eligible Android, iPhone and iPad customers with a secure and convenient way to log into the mobile banking app using their fingerprint. This feature allows access to the most common functionality of the app without the additional need for a passcode. As part of the bank’s ongoing commitment to staying ahead of advancements in mobile device authentication, the technology supporting fingerprint sign-in was built according to FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standards.



The development of mobile applications is the science of creating a unique product that will make your targeted audience happy. Your mobile application should be a great combination of design, functionality and personalization., having many years of experience in mobile & web development, knows the main secrets behind app success!

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