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Maidol Corsets

Maidol Corsets

Project Challenge

Maidol Corsets wanted to have online presence after running their company offline since the start. They noted that many of their clients wanted to purchase the products online and hence, they engaged to see if we had solutions for them.

Ninja's Solution worked towards redesigning and developing Maidol Corsets website. This was an e-commerce site whereby, Maidol’s clients can purchase their products online.

What our client said:

Перед нами стояла задача сделать красивый и чувственный интернет-магазин корсетов для наших клиентов: очень требовательных девушек. Мы сразу поставили задачу - сделать сайт, не похожий на сотни других. В результате проект получился действительно привлекательным. Мы до сих пор получаем положительную обратную связь от наших клиентов. Отдельную благодарность Дугину Арсению за качественную работу и внимательное отношение к деталям.

- Nina Martyanova, Co-Founder of Maidolcorsets


The task was make a beautiful and sensual online store of corsets for our customers: very demanding girls. Our main goal was create website that did not look like hundreds of others. As a result, the project turned out to be really attractive. We still get positive feedback from our customers. Special thanks to Dugin Arseniy for the quality work and attentive attitude to detail.
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