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Knine Professional Dog Services

Project Challenge

Knine Professional Dog Services were looking to expand their business beyond dog training. One of their solutions were to create an online portal, an ‘airbnb’ for animals. However, they weren’t too certain about how to go about it and decided to consult Blueninja for their services. Later on, expanded their online services, into a marketplace.

Ninja's Solution and Knine Professional Dog Services worked closely together to come up with the best solution as Knine had the expertise on how and what pet owners wanted, whereas Blueninja had the know how on what to do within the digital space. created the logo and designed the website according to the clients wants. System development was then carried out by our software team.

What our client said:

We had various hiccups and misunderstandings during the development process where I must admit that situations did get a little heated. Overall, Blueninja did do a decent job and complied to our needs.

- Dave Teoh, Managing Director of Knine Professional Dog Services

blue ninja looking on the right side with a red bandage on his head.


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