Blueninja.io’s goal is mainly to cater to the developmental issues of other organizations
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Where interaction between brands and consumers are taken to a whole new level. With the number of internet users growing rampantly every year, the current digital age empowers brands, big or small with endless marketing opportunities for them to be able to grow exponentially.

With our highly reputable ninja squad, we focus mainly on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is more than the art of getting top search engine rankings. It’s sandwiched between good content and sound technical SEO that can make it difficult for sites with limited budgets to succeed at ninja speed! Our SEO services ensure the high quality score of your website by optimizing website pages, news blogs, internal linking, keywords, backlinks, overall digital marketing strategy and look in-depth of other crucial ranking factors.

Guided by a strong desire to help your business, we ensure that the first click users will make on Google, will direct them to your website. Excited? Let’s begin smashing it!

Our SEO Ninja Specialist Provides:

SEO Consultation

Provide advices and solutions to improve your business performance.

Content Optimization

Refine your content to enhance website quality.


Perform a well-structured SEO strategy for your business.

Strategic Planning

Establish a clear and effective online marketing strategies for your business.

Search Engine Submission

Set seach engines to notify your website’s content.

Analytic & CRO Review

Provide detailed assessment and evaluation of online marketing performance.

On-Page Optimization

Tech team will analyze and solve all the technical issues on your website.

Link Development

Visibility of your website on seach engines are maintained by driving qualified traffics.

Search Engine Marketing

Ancient Ninjas know the warrior victory tactics, while our digital Ninjas know how to create a perfect combination of future proof SEM and SEO strategies. With a rich experience in the digital business, we promise that our best SEM practices will place your business on the top of search list. Search engine marketing requires a careful consideration of budget, audience, keywords, placement, and other crucial factors, where our team will be your best consultant.

Interested? Get ready for an enjoyable business slaying journey with us!

Our Search Engine Marketing Process:

1. Analysis

Analyze your website performance using our tools and technologies, ensuring we never miss opportunities.

2. Optimization

Using our smart data approach to make improvements in real-time to achieve greater ROI.

3. Planning

Plan your business strategies and discuss performance metrics to establish goals for your business.

4. Research

We proceed to conducting keyword research and competition review as per your market.

5. Execution

Create a campaign of targeted keywords and compel ads; to get more traffic for your business.

6. Measure

Generate monthly reports based on targeted keywords and running campaigns. It will be helpful to check your business growth.

Social Media Marketing

In the era of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, branding building heralds the arrival of a new golden age for the digital universe. Viral, buzz, stickiness, memes and form factor became the lingua franca of branding thus dramatically altered how crowd culture works.

Our Ninja team of strategists, marketers, and designers will empower and create potent social media techniques for your clients and your business. Want to know the secret recipe for your success? Call the Blueninjas!

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

1. Strategy

We will link social media to your business goals and objectives. We research on competitors and industry to determine how we can provide you the best position in the marketplace.

2. Develop

We will create custom social media assets for your business including visual assets, business information and other customized profile elements. We will develop everything as per research and your business strategies.

3. Implement

We will launch your social media networks as per our social media plans to drive fans, followers and likes. We will update your social networks regularly using best practices based on social media strategy.

4. Measure

We will create monthly social media reports to keep you updated on how your social media marketing is performing., by analyzing results and explore solutions for improvements to continue increasing your social media presence.
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