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OUR SERVICES’s goal is mainly to cater to the developmental issues of other organizations
and individuals, saving you cost and most importantly, time.


Retail store owners think their biggest threat is the move to shopping online. In reality, other market changes are just as deadly. Abandon the concept of "cookie-cutter" stores and embrace e-commerce solutions. Our Ninjas can help you establish a strong online presence by developing an interactive, well-designed, mobile-friendly, and convenient e-commerce website.

The highest level of comfort for users is the key feature of e-commerce websites handcrafted by our experienced Ninja team! Enrich your website with the tranquillity of home. How? Call Blue Ninja and let us help you!

Our E-Commerce Development Process:

1. Client Requirement Analysis

Everything starts with an idea, so let us know what you have in mind! The team of ninjas will analyze the whole process and come out with a workflow.

2. Solution Proposal

A full-scale proposal along with the workflow summary will be provided. As we value transparency, we will also provide the full costing of entire project.

3. Initialisation of Project

Our UI/UX ninja designers will begin researching on other websites of your preference, such as website layouts, colours, functions and etc.

4. Design

Our UI/UX team will prepare the wireframe of the desired website design. A prototype would be created for visualisation purposes.

5. Development

In this stage, our ninja developer will work on building your masterpiece from back-end to front-end based on prototype created.

6. Integration of Payment System

After the design and development process, our ninjas will integrate the payment system that will work best for your business, i.e. MOLpay, PayPayl, etc.

7. Testing & Troubleshooting

The functionality of the website would be testing thoroughly to make sure that your website is ready to be published officially for public view.

8. Product Catalogue Publishing

No matter the amount and categories of products, our ninjas will upload it accordingly onto the website for easy browsing.

9. Launch

Congratulations! After all that process, your e-commerce website will now be live and ready to be introduced to general public for viewing.

10. Support & Maintenance

We will assist you on how to make changes manually into the website. To ease our client’s mind, we provide free maintenance up to 6 months.


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