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Here’s the new kid in the block and the Ninjas have gotten hold of it! Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is a website that behaves exactly like a mobile app.

Unlike mobile applications, which must be installed before it can be used, a PWA can be accessed through a search engine and used immediately. Oh and even with flaky connection, no issues! This application gives the flexibility to send out push notifications too. Now, this is user experience on a new high!

Our Mobile Application Development Process:

1. Client Requirement Analysis

It is an initial task and an essential stage of the process, by defining the purpose and goals of a PWA, based on the direction of project.

2. Defining Security Documents & Audience

Following these assessments: type of target users, type and level of users’ access and level of security based on characteristics of users, etc.

3. Creating Functional Specifications

Specifying and determine all functionalities and tecnical features of your desired progressive web application to accomplish.

4. Third Party Vendors

Research and selection of vendors, services and products, including: Progressive App Development Company, Payment System/Merchant Account, etc.

5. Technical Specifications & Structure

Selection of platform, structure, development environment and framework for progressive website application.

6. Design Implementation

Our design team will implement the visuals and design, with the functions and structures discussed and conceptualised in earlier stages.

7. PWA Development

The creation of PWA framework and achitecture, design of database structure and completion of implementation of all functionalities.

8. Testing & Troubleshooting

The functionality of the PWA would be testing thoroughly to make sure that your website is ready to be published officially for public view.
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