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OUR SERVICES’s goal is mainly to cater to the developmental issues of other organizations
and individuals, saving you cost and most importantly, time.


Running a business in the modern fast-paced world requires a quick decision-making and smooth workflow processes. Web app development services delivered by our Ninjas are able to digitalize and transform your fragmented business processes into a centralized system.

Being the best web application development company in Malaysia, aims at growing your company into one single mechanism through the use of the latest technologies. Designed with a customer in mind, our web systems are developed to ensure that user requirements are met in support of business strategic goals and objectives. Innovative software is what your team is definitely looking for!

Our System Development Process:

1. Initiation

A problem or requirement is identified by you, and with the help of our ninjas we can provide a solution that works best for you.

2. System Concept & Planning

The scope of the concept is panned out whereby it includes the system boundary document, cost benefit, analysis, risk management, feasibility and so on.

3. Requirements Analysis

Our ninjas will analyze the user needs. After this step, the user requirements would be formed to see how advanced or in-depth the system would be.

4. Proposal

A full-scale proposal along with the workflow summary will be provided. As we value transparency, our ninjas will provide the full costing of entire project.

5. Design

Our ninjas will transform detailed requirements into a complete, detailed System Design Document, focusing very much on its functionalities.

6. Development

This process includes acquiring and installing systems, creating and testing databases, preparing test case procedures, compiling, refining, all the way to testing the readiness review and procurement activities.

7. Integration & Test

The team of ninjas will now work closely with your procurement team to test run the system and make any changes if necessary.

8. Implementation

No matter the amount and categories of products, our ninjas will upload it accordingly onto the website for easy browsing.

9. Disposition

Congratulations! Your system is fully fledged and ready to take off!

10. Operations & Maintenance

Our team of ninjas will provide training on operating the system. To ease our client’s mind, we offer complimentary maintenance up to 12 months.
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